YWSTD (YwStd, Ywstd, ywStd or ywstd) is a minimal C++ library,
distributed under Apache License v2.0.


  • Except for the ::std::_ and ::std::_cpo namespaces,
    only C++ standard definitions are defined in the ::std namespace.

  • No macros are defined in order not to disturb the autocomplete.

  • It switches to the specified standard library at compile time for optimization.
    (You need define _ywstd_ macro in compiling.)


Header names in this library are ~/ywstd/[StandardName].hh.

Header Condition Memo
algorithm partial
any complete
array complete
atomic complete
bit complete
bitset complete
cassert complete
cctype complete
cerrno complete
cfenv complete
cfloat complete
charconv complete
chrono partial
cinttypes complete
climits complete
clocale complete
cmath complete
compare complete
complex complete
concepts complete
condition_variable none
contract none
coroutine none
csetjmp complete
csignal complete
cstdarg complete
cstddef complete
cstdint complete
cstdio complete
cstdlib complete
cstring complete
ctime complete
cuchar complete
cwchar complete
cwctype complete
exception complete
execution complete
filesystem partial


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