Xelu’s FREE Controllers & Keyboard Prompts as an Unreal Plugin for programmatic use (cpp / bp)

This plugin exposes a Blueprint Library with helpers to return an icon texture (either as a soft object reference or resolved UTexture2D) matching either:

  • a Key directly
  • an Input name from Input Settings
  • an Input Action and Mapping Context

Content folder also has a few UMG Blueprint widgets, but those are more for testing and demonstration purpose rather than being part of the core functionality of the plugin.


Here is the list of BP Exposed methods:


Those methods use internally a Datatable whose main purpose is to define the mapping between Unreal FKey and the path to the matching icon textures. Row name key (first column) follows the IconType.Key pattern where IconType can be one of the following value: Keyboard, PS4, PS5, XboxOne, XboxSeries.

Link to the google sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QsfkbC6ATr4prhD_RdyfXtI1v61gKn3a10HULff1NYM

The icons datatable can be changed in Plugin Settings: Project Settings > Plugins > Xelu Icons

If you need to add or edit icon mappings, I recommend doing a duplicate of this Datatable (parent table row: XeluIconsInputsMetaData) and changing the configuration to match yours.


The icon textures that can be found in the Content folder are coming from Xelu’s Controllers & Keyboard Prompts.

Huge thanks to Nicolae Berbece and “Those Awesome Guys” for releasing this pack in the public domain under Creative Commons 0 (CC0).


Icon textures made by Nicolae remain under Creative Commons 0 (CC0).

All other code surrounding it related to making it available as an Unreal Engine plugin is MIT licensed.


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