SoOS – x86 operating system from scratch


What it can do

  • Full booting process from 16 bit real mode to 32 bit protected mode to kernel execution
  • Interrupts & IRQs on C level
  • Very simple command line interpreter
  • Reading RTC time
  • Beeping with the internal pc speaker
  • VGA video mode

Things I plan to add

  • Generic drivers (video, audio, ATA)
  • Implement more useful commandline programs
  • Virtual 8086 mode for BIOS functions
  • Add some lightweight C libraries

There will likely never be

  • Any non-generic drivers
  • Fully-fledged filesystem support
  • PCI[e] hardware support
  • ACPI implementation
  • Networking

How it works

Black magic and a pact with the devil i guess


The documentation is automatically generated with Doxygen and accessible via GitHub Pages here

Building from source

  • building will require a x86-i686 cross-compiler
  • I use a x86-i686 cross-compile toolchain from


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