WebRT Chromium Patch


WebRuntime modifies the Chromium Project so that the complete Chromium Project can be compiled into a set of dynamic link libraries, which can then become the public runtime service components of Desktop Applications. Chromium Patch is a set of Chromium Project source files modified by WebRuntime. Each specific version of Chromium Project corresponds to a Patch. The minimum version of Chromium supported by WebRuntime is M98.

About Chromium Version


Here, MAJOR, MINOR, BUILD and PATCH are four integers, and MAJOR is the major version number, which is commonly referred to as the milestone version number; MINOR is the minimum version number, the value is 0, BUILD is the build number, and PATCH is the patch number.

For Canary Version, after the major version number is determined, the build number and patch number will be modified every day; For Versions other than Canary, major and build are relatively fixed, and only patch will form incremental modifications. Google officially releases 8-10 milestone versions every year. Each Chromium Version corresponds to a Chromium Project tag value, as shown in the following figure: image

How Does WebRuntime Organize Chromium Patch?

WebRuntime associates Chromium Project source code with WebRuntime Chromium Patch through part of tag values, as shown in the following figure: image

Get the Chromium Patch you want


Repository WebRTChromiumPatch ensures that for each chromium project version “a.0.b.c”(where a>=98) the closest webruntime-chromium-patch version “a.0.b.d” can be found. Here, closest means that there are no other webruntime-chromium-patch versions between “a.0.b.c” and “a,0.b.d”. When c equals d, it means that a suitable patch was found. Replace the file corresponding to the chromium source code with the source code patch included in the patch. If c is not equal to d, we need to create two branches in the repository containing the chromium project, corresponding to the chromium versions “a.0.b.c” and “a.0.b.d” respectively, and then synchronize the code in the chromium-patch to ” a.0.b.d” and set the branch corresponding to “a.0.b.c” as the active branch. The git cherry-pick command will synchronize the webrt related code to the “a.0.b.c” branch, and the new version can be completed.

Get the closest webruntime-chromium-patch version for a Chromium tag

We see that the Repository WebRTChromiumPatch only contains part of the Chromium Version Tag, So, how do developers get the Chromium Patch Tag they need through part of tags? image Then input “a.0.b” in the tag search box(for example “101.0.4951”), and we see the following results: image

Through tag search, you can get a chromium version tag “a.0.b.d” closest to your needs(“a.0.b.c”). Here d is an integer, so that tag “a.0.b.d” can be searched in the repository WebRTChromiumPatch, and ensure that “a.0.b.c” is the tag with the best match with the expected version tag “a.0.b.c”.


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