In the name of holy mary, mother of jesus (eventough, I am a Jew, ehehe). This machinery shall threby be developed by the most talented intellectually seductive humans inorder to apply the most advanced algorithms to aim at enemy aircrafts and destroy them (god bless the pilot). Currently the algorithms and designs are tested on a model operating on Arduino using photoresistors and phototransistors.

Soon!, they shall be equiped with hypersonic missiles. I hereby dare enemy pilots to fly over my house, you shall reach the heavens occupied by the devil and jesus even before you can realize the beauty of our machine and piss in your pants.


Jokes aside, this project was used as a General Physics: Electricity and Magnetism and General Physics: Quantum Physics in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. First demonstrated on 30.05.2022. Future plans: addition of more motors, targetting capablilites in all 6 degrees of freedom.


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