WASM Build of Kakadu


WIP – don’t use yet


This code has been developed/tested against v8_2_1 of Kakadu on Mac OS X x86. You must place a licensed version of the Kakadu source in the extern folder (e.g. extern/v_8_2_1-02044N)
and update the variabel KAKADU_ROOT in CMakeLists.txt accordingly. To maximize performance, make sure you replace srclib_ht with altlib_ht_opt as per instructions in Enabling_HT.txt.

NOTE: This should only work on Mac OS X x86 since there are platform specific settings in the CMakefiles.

To build native C/C++ version

> ./build-native.sh

To build EMSCRIPTEN verision:

Launch docker container using Visual Studio Remote Containers and then:

> ./build.sh


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