Walnut is a simple application framework built with Dear ImGui and designed to be used with Vulkan – basically this means you can seemlessly blend real-time Vulkan rendering with a great UI library to build desktop applications. The plan is to expand Walnut to include common utilities to make immediate-mode desktop apps and simple Vulkan applications.

Currently supports Windows – with macOS and Linux support planned. Setup scripts support Visual Studio 2022 by default.


Forest Launcher – an application made with Walnut


Getting Started

Once you’ve cloned, run scripts/Setup.bat to generate Visual Studio 2022 solution/project files. Once you’ve opened the solution, you can run the WalnutApp project to see a basic example (code in WalnutApp.cpp). I recommend modifying that WalnutApp project to create your own application, as everything should be setup and ready to go.

3rd party libaries



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