Viator DSP JUCE Plugin Library

License: GPL v3


The viatordsp framework is made up of dsp and gui classes that help make creating plugins faster, easier, and more fun!
This contains dsp classes such as clippers, filters, compressors, and much more to come.
The gui contains stylized versions of JUCE’s built-in widgets (like sliders and comboboxes) that have their own lookandfeel overrides to make them look awesome!

Here is a plugin using those stylized components.



Clone the repo viatordsp or download it as a zip. Cloning it would be better, since when there is an update, you simply pull the changes without needing to download another version of the zip file.

Just include the viator_modules folder in the Projucer’s module window like the inamge below and you’re all set!



To use viatordsp, there are three namespaces:

  • viator_dsp
  • viator_gui
  • viator_utils

You can create an instance of a class in the folder viator_dsp, like the HardClipper, with:

  • viator_dsp::HardClipper hardClipper (In the PluginProcessor.h)

Update parameters, e.g.:

  • hardClipper.setParameter(viator_dsp::HardClipper::ParameterID::kPreamp, newPreampValue)

Be sure to call the prepare method of every DSP module in the PluginProcessor.cpp’s prepare method!

Or a gui component inside of viator_gui/Widgets, like a dial, with:

  • viator_gui::LV_Dial dial (In the PluginEditor.h)


Contributions are most welcome! Check out the issues page for more details.


viatordsp is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPLv3) agreement.


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