Very (!) basic SAX style INI parser

c++17 INI parser with minimal set of features implemented:

1. comments (on their own line) - NO inline comments supported
2. sections (delimited by `[]`)
3. key/value separated by `=`, duplicate keys allowed
4. errors reported using `std::error_code`
5. callback based section/key/value
6. allows empty sections
7. key/value must be non-empty
8. NO UTF support (and not planned)

The goal was for it to be simple and fast.

What can it parse?

A subset of INI as briefly described above.
There are limitations and it may not work for all your use cases.

How to build?

It’s header only.
Include <af/ini_parse.hpp>.

CMake support

The library exports cmake config files af-ini-config.cmake/af-ini-version.cmake.
Install the library and set appropriate CMake paths to find it.

target_link_libraries(<your target> ... af-ini::af-ini)


Unit tests require GTest 1.10.
There’s a conan file that allows you to find that dependency.
You can also provide it in any other way, it must be called ....GTest and must expose the following targets: GTest::gtest_main.

CMake options


Enable tests with AF_INI_UNIT_TESTS (default OFF) AF_INI_INTEGRATION_TESTS (default: OFF)

There’s some data to play around with inside the test/data folder.
It may also help you figure out what this library supports.


Enable benchmarks with AF_INI_BENCHMARKS (default: OFF)


No plans to develop this much, it’s just a playground for testing some c++17 features.
Otherwise just use it as you wish it’s as free as I can make it.


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