Version of openXsensor to be used with expressLRS

This project is foreseen to generate telemetry data to a ELRS receiver when a flight controller is not used.

It can provide

* up to 4 analog voltages

* the altitude and the vertical speed when connected to a pressure sensor (optional)

* GPS data (longitude, latitude, speed, altitude,...) (optional)

This project requires a board with a RP2040 processor (like the rapsberry pi pico).

A better alternative is the RP2040-Zero (same processor but smaller board):

This board can be connected to:

  • a pressure sensor (GY63 or GY86 board based on MS5611) to get altitude and vertical speed

  • a GPS from UBlox (like the beitian bn220)

  • some voltage dividers (=2 resistors) when the voltages to measure exceed 3V

More explanations are given in the file config_basic.h
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