An internal ESP that works by hooking the game loop responsible for calling world-to-screen and loads a custom vm_main function that prints an “X” over the current location before rendering the entity.A multihack for CoD that features a wallhack, chams, full-bright, no-scope, no-fog and internal ui.Internal-OpenGL-Wallhack A OpenGL wallhack that works via hooking CoD’s internal call to glDrawElements while displaying players and modifies the call to disable depth testing. Internal-Wallhack An internal wallhack that hooks CoD’s syscall function and adjusts the render flag of entities that pass through for rendering.A no-recoil hack for CoD single-player that works by removing the instructions for aim being punched up while shooting.An ESP for COD that hooks R_EndFrame and uses an external method of calculating 3D to 2D coordinates to display tags over all drawn entities.




  • Aimbot

. AimKey (Set your own Aimkey) . Enable Aim . Skip Knocked . Enable Fov . Prediction . Enable Smooth (For Legit Play) . Target Priority (Closest/FOV/Closets to FOV) . AimSpeed (Slider) . Aim Distance (Slider) . Use Bones (Change the Aim Target) . Fov Size (Slider to change Fov Size)

  • Triggerbot

. Triggerbot (On/Off) . Autoshoot Custom Key (Choose key for it to shoot) . Only in ADS

  • Visuals

. Color Visibility . Box (2D/3D) . Health . Snaplines (Middle/Top) . Bones . Names . Distance . Team . Radar (Enable Radar)

  • Options

. 2D Corner Box/2D Box . Line Middle/Line Top . ESP Distance (Slider) . ESP Thickness (Slider to make ESP Thicker) . Radar Zoom (Slider) . Enemy Visible (Customizable Colors) . Enemy Not Visible (Customizable Colors) . Team Visible (Customizable Colors) . Team Not Visible (Customizable Colors)

  • Item

. Enable Loot (On/Off) . Show Loot Names . Show Loot Distance . Loot Distance (Slider) Loot Color (Customizable Colors)

  • Weapon ESP

. Assault Rifle . LMG . SMG . Sniper/DMR . Pistol

  • Ammo ESP

. AR/LMG Ammo . Shotgun Ammo . SMG/Pistol Ammo . Sniper Ammo

  • Equipment ESP

. Flash . Decoy . Stim . Thermite . Grenade . Semtex . Snapshot . Concussion . C4 . Throwing Knife . Mine . Claymore

  • Streakes/Cash & Others

. Airstrike . Clusterstrike . UAV . Cash . Amor . Satchel . Gasmask . Armor Box . Ammo Box . Crate Normal . Crate Legendary

  • Misc

. Show Crosshair . No Recoil . UAV (On/Off) . Enable Advanced UAV . Watermark (On/Off)

  • Settings

. Save Config File.

Some notes





Draw players


Draw crosshair

0042F6B5     E8 E61A0000    CALL iw3mp.004311A0

Draw HUD

0042F703     E8 C8531200    CALL iw3mp.00554AD0 - draw hud

Text Calls

00422C90 - ammo left
0042D412 - chat text
00443BE9 - press space to text
00448770   CALL iw3mp.00542F50				- name and rank on scoreboard
0045A85F   CALL iw3mp.00542F50				-amount of ammo on nades
005520C1   CALL iw3mp.00542F50				-text on bottom of hud
004319BC   CALL iw3mp.00542F50         -debug info

Reversed Text Call

00431962     D94424 0C      FLD DWORD PTR dS:[557b530]		;esp=dfdc0(00 00 80 3e)
00431982     B8 18456B00    MOV EAX,iw3mp.006B4518	        ;rgba colour struct (00 00 80 3F)

0043198B     6A 03          PUSH 3				            ;?
0043198D     50             PUSH EAX				        ;colour				
0043198E     A1 0007AF0C    MOV EAX,0F8D65C			        ;font structure
00431993     83EC 0C        SUB ESP,0C				        ;esp=dfdac
00431996     D95C24 08      FSTP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+8]       ;esp+8=.25=000DFDB4  00 04 00 00 
0043199A     D94424 1C      FLD DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+1C]       ;y 9a 99 3d 43 = 189.6
0043199E     D95C24 04      FSTP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+4]           
004319A2     D94424 18      FLD DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+18]       ;0(x)
004319A6     D91C24         FSTP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP]             
004319A9     50             PUSH EAX                        ;font
004319AA     68 FFFFFF7F    PUSH 7FFFFFFF                   ;7FFFFFFF

004319AF     B9 00B07100    MOV ECX,iw3mp.0071B000

004319B5     51             PUSH ECX				        ;text
004319B6     68 2044E300    PUSH iw3mp.00E34420

004319BC     E8 8F151100    CALL iw3mp.00542F50             ;draw_text        
004319C1     83C4 24        ADD ESP,24
004319C4  \. C3             RETN

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This source code is for educational purposes only. I made this project to learn more about reverse engineering and not to ruin the experience for other gamers. I will not be updating the offsets for this reason.


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