Use C++ to read CSV files, including obtaining the number of rows and columns and specifying the data of a row or a column.

//this->row //the number of rows

//this->col //the number of columns //return int

//this->getRow(r) //obtaining the data from a row (index from zero)

//this->getCol(c) //obtaining the data from a column (index from zero) //return the pointer of vector

//csv must be saved as GBK coding form

For example:

CsvFile Csv("./data.csv");
//obtain the number of rows and columns of the csv file
cout<<"There is"<<Csv.row<<"rows"<<endl;
cout<<"There is"<<Csv.col<<"columns"<<endl;

//read the data from the first column of the csv file
vector<string>* v=NULL;

//print the data in vector
for(int i=0;i<v->size();i++)
return 0;

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