Use an Arduino Uno and LED shield to track run counts and times


What it displays

The LCD displays 4 numbers:

  1. Number of runs completed (top left)
  2. Current run time (top right)
  3. Average run time (bottom left)
  4. Total time of all runs (bottom right)

Parts needed

You need 3 parts (~$30 USD):

  1. An Arduino Uno Rev3 (example on Amazon)
  2. A 1602 LCD Keypad Shield (example on Amazon)
  3. A cord to power the arduino (a USB 2.0 printer cord works fine)


Here are the steps to get it working:

  1. Place the shield on top of the Arduino Uno and push the pins in place
  2. Plug the Arduino into your computer using the USB 2.0 cable
  3. Install the Arduino IDE
  4. Add the LiquidCrystal library via the IDE (Sketch -> Include LIbrary -> Manage Libaries)
  5. Grab the code I provided in this repo and edit the line shown below to match your LED pin-outs for your board (more info here)
LiquidCrystal lcd(8, 9, 4, 5, 6, 7);  
  1. If the LCD screen doesn’t display any text, adjust the potentiometer as shown in this video (use a screwdriver and turn the potentiometer screw about 10 times clockwise)

How it works

  1. Hit the Reset (RST) button when you start your first run. It will display Run#1 and both Current and Total clocks will start counting up.
  2. Hit any of the other buttons (Select, Left, Up, Down, Right) when you complete each run.


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