BYG Cross-Branch Locking Plugin

Unreal Engine has an under-documented feature that allows the editor to check other branches for the locked status of
files. This is useful if you check out a binary asset on a branch, you don’t want someone in another branch to make
edits because you would not be able to merge those changes later.


Install the plugin as normal, then go to Project Settings > BYG Cross Branch Lock.

There specify the path to the Unreal Content directory, relative to your Perforce root.
e.g. MyProject/Content

Next, add the names of the branches you wish to check for locking.
e.g. //depot/Development, //depot/SomeFeatureBranch

With this set-up, attempting to check out a file that is already checked out on another branch will show a warning like this:

Based on Unreal Fest Europe 2019


  • Only works with Perforce.
  • Task branches seem to act a little weird with it.




If you find it useful, drop me a line @_benui on Twitter


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