Unreal Engine 5 Plugin for a variety of Tech Art Tools and features.

Compatible with Unreal Engine verion 5.0.1+


Download the zip (or clone this repository) to your project or engine plugin folder.

Remember, if you are using the UE5 launcher, you must put the plugin in the project folder to have it be compiled correctly.

Current Tools

Material Parameters Helper Widget v1.0.1

Production tested materials often have many parameters, and for good reason these parameters are often scattered through modular Material Functions. Naming, Sorting, adding descriptions, and editing defaults for these parameters can be a big pain when working with lots of parameters in various functions and material graphs.

In addition, it can be really difficult to find where a parameter is used when materials are made through modular Material Functions, since the search feature only can search the local graph.

The Material Parameters Helper Widget attempts to make all of these issues go away by providing a singular interface to modify all parameters used in a material, whether they are at the base material graph level, or inside of a function.

Opening the widget.

Image showing the operation to open the Material Parameter Helper widget. The widget is opened through a scripted asset action. Right-click any Material or Material Instance in the content browser, go to Scripted Asset Actions > Open Material Parameter Helper Widget.

If you need to check another material, you can change the Material To Edit property to the new material you want to edit.

Function List

Image showing the function list. Functions are enabled and disabled, hiding parameters in the rightmost panel. Parameter names in the functions list jump the rightmost panel to the correct panel.

The bottom left field lists all the functions that are used in the material. These functions are expandable, showing all the parameter names used in that function.

Clicking a parameter name in the functions list will take you to the corresponding parameter in the total list of parameters on the right.

Functions can be ‘disabled’ which will hide their results in the right panel, useful when you only need to work on a few parameters at a time.

Clicking the Function name will locate that function in the content browser.

Parameters List

The right panel is the parameters list. All parameters used in the enabled functions show up here sorted by Group Name > Sort Priority > Parameter Name, the same sorting used in the Material Instance editor. At the top is a filter search bar which compares against the group name and the parameter name of each item.

Animated image showing the process of modifying parameter names and priorities, hitting apply, and seeing the updates in a material instance.

Here each parameter’s Name, Description, Sort Priority, and Group Name can be edited directly. Modifying Name, Sort Priority, or GroupName will resort the parameter into the list.

Description is a multi-line text box, shift+enter to add a new line. Enter commits the current values.

Animated image showing using shift+enter to add extra lines to the description box.

Parameters can be expanded by clicking on the expansion arrow on the left side to see all the properties of the parameter expression.

Default values, channel mask names, and anything that could be edited in the material graph can be edited here.

⚠️ Changing Sort Priority, Group Name, or Parameter Name through the expansion panel will not refresh the panel’s sorting.

The parameter will still be sorted properly in the material instance, but the changes won’t be reflected until after the widget is refreshed. You can refresh the widget by reassigning the Material to Edit

Clicking the Material Function name below the Description field will open the function or material and focus the node directly.

Aniamted image showing expanding and editing the texture parameter of a material. Shows how clicking on the function name below the description opens the material graph and highlights the correct node, and how the changes are propogated automatically when the Save and Apply button is pressed.

To save changes and update any open material instance editors click the Save and Apply Button.

Batch Rename Widget



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