UCI CS 171 INTRO ARTIFCL INTEL Project (Sudoku game)

How to run this Sudoku Solver

1. In terminal, cd to the directory where the cpp file located
2. type "make" to build
3. type "time bin/Sudoku XX yourboard" to run the program (XX is the alogrithms that we achieve: FC, NOR, MRV, LCV, MAD) (yourboard is the board you generated)

Here are the commands you can use

1. time bin/Sudoku FC yourboard
2. time bin/Sudoku FC MRV LCV yourboard
3. time bin/Sudoku FC MAD LCV yourboard
4. time bin/Sudoku NOR yourboard
5. time bin/Sudoku NOR MRV LCV yourboard
6. time bin/Sudoku NOR MAD LCV yourboard

They got different kinds of efficency!


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