This is a program to download Twitter Spaces from the command line.

As of now, this tool cannot download ongoing spaces (Well it can, but the final product will be partial). It works best for ended spaces that you have the master URL for.


Supported URL Sources Example
Master URL tslazer --filename twitter_space --master_url https://master-url
Space URL tslazer -space_url https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1ZkJzbdvLgyJv --filename %St_%Un
Space ID tslazer --space_id 1ZkJzbdvLgyJv --filename %St_%Ud
Username tslazer --auth your_auth_token --username LaplusDarknesss
User ID tslazer --auth your_auth_token --user_ID 1409817096523968513 --filename %St_%Ud


>tslazer-rewrite --help
Allowed Options:

Special Arguments:
  -h [ --help ]          Displays the help page

Required Arguments:
  -a [ --auth ] arg      Your twitter account's auth token
  -f [ --filename ] arg  File Format (see Format options)
                          NOTE: The File Formatting Options are not comaptible
                         with Master URLs.
                         Format options
                         %Ud Host Display Name          %Dd Day
                         %Un Host Username              %Dt Time (UTC)
                         %Ui Host User ID               %Dl Time (Local)
                         %St Space Title                %Si Space ID
                         %Dy Year                       %Dm Month

Link Arguments:
  --master_url arg       Input Master URL
  --space_url arg        Input Space URL
  --space_id arg         Input Space ID

User-Related Arguments:
  --username arg         Input Username
  --user_id arg          Input User ID
Argument Description
auth Your authorization token. Not needed unless you are capturing a Twitter Space from a user ID or a username.
filename The filename for the space. There is no need to specify a file extension, as this is done automatically for you
master_url Master URL of a Twitter Space. Ends with dynamic_playlist.m3u8
space_url The Url of a Twitter Space.
space_id The ID of a Twitter Space. This is the 13 character sequence found at the end of the space url.
username Capture an ongoing space from the username specified.
user_id Capture ongoing Twitter space from the user_id specified.

File Explanations

Filename Explanation
TwitterSpaceAPI Provides an Interface for the program to interact with Twitter Spaces
m3u8_parser Provides an interface for the program to Parse the m3u8 files and Download Twitter Spaces
test.cpp Provides the Program options and CLI interface

Upcoming features

These are features that I will do my best to implement, but I can’t offer any guarantees.

  • Cross-Platform Support (Hopefully)
  • Discord Integration
  • Scheduled Spaces Support
  • Config Files
  • Monitor Multiple users at a time

Special Thanks

@notpeko – Writing the code to parse and strip ID3 tags from .aac files.

@Ryu1845 – Inspiration for the project and additional insight

Libraries Used

CPR Requests Library

The Boost C++ Libraries


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