Twitter Sentiment Analysis by SSY Group


a) Please run pip install -r requirements.txt in command line to prepare environments ready.

b-1) Run cd ./src/KrovetzStemmer in command line to go to KrovetzStemmer folder and run pip install . in command line to prepare preprocessing environment.

b-2) If error occurs in b-2 (it may have conflicts with other environments), is prepared to run without KrovetzStemmer package

2.Data Setting

All the data and model parameters are packed in Google Drive, please download data from and use this data folder cover origin data folder.

The downloaded data folder contains all preprocessed data and pth files that can be loaded into our models directly.


Enter src file and run with params you need.

We’ve alread set proper default values to all parameters, so there is no need to set any other parameters if not necessary, just specify the model you wish to run.


Berttweet: python --model=bertweet (which can produce our best result)

Bert: python --model=bert

xlnet: python --mode=xlnet

glove_embedding+Ridge Regression: python --model=glove_embedding

fasttext supervised method: python --model=fasttext_supervised

skipgram+Ridge Regression: python --model=fasttext_unsupervised

self-implemented CNN: python --model=cnn

–model is set to be ‘bertweet’ as default value

If you want to change other parameters, here are some demonstrations:**

values of N-grams : --ngrams=$ $ can be any integers, and it is set to be 4 as default

choose to load parameters or train models from zero : --load_model=$ $ can be True or False, and it is set to be True as default

choose the method of GloVe embedding : --glove_method=$ $ can be trained, pretrained or merged, and it is set to be merged as default

There are many other parameters you can change, please refer to the code and detailed comment in

4.Best result

Now the best result is already saved in ./output/submission.csv, the accuracy rate is 91.5%.

To recurrent the best result, run python directly, submission.csv will be created in ./output/submission.csv.

Note: preprocessed data is already provided. Or you can use to create it again. If using to preprocess data, the accuracy rate will be 91.4% instead of 91.5% because of some slight changes in preprocessing method.


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