Compatible with any ESP32 microcontroller, with or without a screen, supporting native LN invoices and static LNURLPay links.

Includes portal for easy setup and retail


Install instructions

  • Install Arduino IDE 1.8.19

  • Install ESP32 boards, using boards manager

  • Role back ESP32 boards to 2.0.1 in boards manager image

  • Download this repo

  • Copy these libraries into your Arduino install “libraries” folder

  • Open this bitcoinSwitch.ino file in the Arduino IDE

  • Select the correct ESP32 board from tools>board

  • Upload to device

On M5Stack press A to launch portal within first few secs of startup, for all other ESP32 devices specify a GPIO to detect capacitance change, and touch within first few secs of startup. Default password is “ToTheMoon”



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