Challenge WIF 500

20220413_164254 Find the key, get 100 BTC donations!

Run wif500.exe -range 1 (0-3363)

The known part of the key is 40 characters from 52 A large range of 12 characters is divided into 3364 small ranges The address 1PfNh5fRcE9JKDmicD2Rh3pexGwce1LqyU Passed (blank) ranges HERE

Frequently asked Questions:

WIF real? To find out, you need to go through a large range and find out. This requires large GPU resources.

Why is the program without source codes? The correct ranges and other parameters are sewn into the WifSolverCuda program. Knowing them, the user can find the key on his own and take everything for himself.

Why did you paint over the characters in the photo? So that the user does not look for the key on the original program.

Does the program require an internet connection? No, the program is looking for the key offline.

If I find the key can I take all the coins for myself? No, you will find the encrypted key. Only the organizers of the challenge can decrypt this key and pay you a donation.

There is a video in which there is a similar key. There are errors in the video that make the key impossible to find.

I have many GPUs. How to start? Run each GPU separately with a new range Add your card id -d ? Example: wif500.exe -range 1000 -d 0 wif500.exe -range 1001 -d 1 wif500.exe -range 1002 -d 2

How long can you go through the range? RTX 3090 4 Gkey/s = ~4 days. RTX 3060 2 Gkey/s = ~8 days.

If you have more than 10 GPU, you can join a telegram group of hunters for the WIF500 If you have any questions, ask them here


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