Tool to convert ELF (S)hared (O)bject to Nintendo (R)elocatable (S)hared (O)bject

Command Line Options

  • -i or --input – It’s the ELF File to be parse. Required
  • -o or --output – File path for the resultant file. Default is to change the input file extension to .rso
  • -a or --fullpath – Use the fullpath of the input for the module’s name

Future Features

  • List all extern (weak) symbol in the import_symbol_table. Currently only the needed (for relocations) symbol are listed
  • Patch relocations with the _unresolved if available and possible (only branch instruction)
  • Add argument option that would allow the user to pass a file with the functions/methods that you want to export from the module
  • Create Static RSO. Module created from the main.dol. This module export the functions/method used by the child modules


  • PistonMiner’s elf2rel for using some of his code as base for building this tool. Since Nintendo’s REL module format is the precursor to this format.



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