A Tmux Fcitx client

What this project is:

Make tmux a fcitx client. It allows you to type with input method without using graphical display server. For example, you can type with Fcitx under TTY.

What this project is not:

Display fcitx state in tmux. That is not the goal of this project.


  1. Need fcitx5 to compile
  2. Need dbus-send to run.


mkdir build
cd build
cmake --build .
sudo cmake --install .

Add following content to ~/.tmux.conf

run /usr/share/tmux-fcitx5/fcitx5.tmux

Known issue:

Not all key combinition works, specially for modifier key only hotkey and key release event due to Tmux bind-key limitation.
Trigger key (Control+Space) repeatedly press functionality does not work properly. So you will see Control+space enumerate over different input method if you have more than one input method configured.

Keyboard layout related feature won’t work too, which is expected.


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