This program decomposes text files using Huffman coding algorithm. It also performs recovery of the decomposed text file.

priority_queue_min.cpp & main.cpp

First of these files contains a realization of Priority Queue class, which is used in Huffman coding algorythm. Second of these files is intended for one of complementary tasks: turnng symbols with given frequencies into codes through building corresponding Huffman tree. Use makefile for running these two. There is obe text file required – it must contain the size of two arrays, and arrays of symbols and their frequencies themselves.


This file contains the realization of Huffman coding algorythm itself. It requires three text files, that have to be put in the following order: input.txt – file, containing the text that has to be decomposed, code.txt – file, which contains the result of encryption of input.txt file after Huffman coding algorythm worked, decode.txt – file, which contains the result of recovery of the code from decode.txt file.

P.S. All the comments inside all of the files listed above are in Russian.


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