This library renders SFC/SNES graphical data into a framebuffer.

This library exposes two C API functions:

  • bool libsfcppu_init()
    • Call this to initialize the library.
  • uint16 const * libsfcppu_drawFrame( LibSFCPPU::SnesFrameData const * ppuState )
    • Call this to render the data specified in ppuState.
    • The pointer returned points to a 512×480 buffer containing the pixel data of the rendered frame.
    • Output pixel format: 0bbb bbgg gggr rrrr
    • See data-interop.hpp for the exact format of ppuState.

You should hopefully be able to call make to build a dynamic object containing the library.
This library has only been tested on Windows MinGW-w64.


See LICENSE.txt. All code not under the nall/ subdirectory is covered by bsnes’ licensing terms.



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