This is the user space IPTS daemon for Surface touch screen process

It is supposed to be used with BigSurface.kext to enable touch screen & stylus support on macOS.

Raw touching data is sent by the kernel driver to be processed in user space then touch & stylus hid events are sent back to the kernel.

The code is ported from linux-surface/iptsd and quo/iptsd

Warning, the processing algorithm is NOT optimised enough yet and it consumes around 10% cpu usage when fingers are detected, 4% or less when stylus is detected

Use this under your own consideration! Touching process is very energy consuming.

To install the daemon, simply run the script install_daemon.sh and all files needed will be copied to desired locations. After installation IPTSDaemon will be running when macOS starts.

You will also need to install two dylib for it, in Terminal brew install fmt inih

Then, in order to resume the service after wakeup, you need to install sleepwatcher using Homebrew: brew install sleepwatcher

Finally, create ~/.sleep and ~/.wakeup files.

In .sleep: launchctl unload /Library/LaunchAgents/com.xavier.IPTSDaemon.plist 2>/dev/null

In .wakeup: sleep 2 && launchctl load /Library/LaunchAgents/com.xavier.IPTSDaemon.plist

If you want to disable touch when palm is detected or stylus is in using or near the stylus, go to config folder and find your device’s config, add this:

DisableOnPalm = true

# disable touch when using stylus
DisableTouch = true
# disable touch near the stylus
Cone = true


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