The tight integration of FAST-LIO with Radius-Search-based loop closure module.

FAST-LIO (Fast LiDAR-Inertial Odometry) is a computationally efficient and robust LiDAR-inertial odometry package. It fuses LiDAR feature points with IMU data using a tightly-coupled iterated extended Kalman filter. But it doesn’t have a loop closure module to eliminate the accumulated drift.

Therefore, this project implements the pose graph optimization with a radius-search-based loop closure module which refers to FAST_LIO_SLAM. And the pose and map in the iterated extended Kalman filter of FAST-LIO will be updated according to the optimization which is a key difference with FAST_LIO_SLAM.

1. Prerequisites

  • Ubuntu 18.04 and ROS Melodic
  • PCL >= 1.8 (default for Ubuntu 18.04)
  • Eigen >= 3.3.4 (default for Ubuntu 18.04)
  • GTSAM >= 4.0.0(tested on 4.0.0-alpha2)

2. Build

git clone
cd ..

3. Quick test

3.1 For Velodyne 16

You can test this project with our data which includes /velodyne_points(10Hz) and /imu/data(400Hz).

roslaunch fast_lio mapping_velodyne.launch
roslaunch aloam_velodyne fastlio_velodyne_VLP_16.launch
rosbag play  T3F2-2021-08-02-15-00-12.bag  -r 2

If you want to test the original FAST LIO (i.e. without the loop closure module), you can set lc_enable in the mapping_velodyne.launch to false and run following commands.

roslaunch fast_lio mapping_velodyne.launch
rosbag play  T3F2-2021-08-02-15-00-12.bag  -r 2

4. Example results

video: Youtube link , Bilibili link



In this project, the LIO module refers to FAST-LIO and the pose graph optimization refers to FAST_LIO_SLAM.

Many thanks for their work.


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