This header only library provides strong typedef for bool .
This library is inspired by siv::YesNo .

It requires C++20 supported compiler.

What’s difference from siv::YesNo ?

siv::YesNo provides the named constants Yes and No .
Veiler.OpaqueBool allows to select the pair of named constants from yes / no , enable / disable , and valid / invalid .
And if you want to use other names, you can change them.



using feature = veiler::opaque_bool::enable_disable<struct feature_tag>;

template<typename T>
struct feeling_base{
  static constexpr T good{true};
  static constexpr T bad{false};

using feeling = veiler::opaque_bool::opaque_bool<struct feeling_tag, feeling_base>;

constexpr feeling my_feeling(feature cxx20){
  return cxx20 ? feeling::good : feeling::bad;

int main(){
  static constexpr auto feeling_if_cxx20_enabled = my_feeling(feature::enable);
  static_assert(feeling_if_cxx20_enabled == feeling::good);
  static constexpr auto feeling_if_cxx20_disabled = my_feeling(feature::disable);
  static_assert(feeling_if_cxx20_disabled == feeling::bad);


Boost Software License Version 1.0


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