Standalone GRASS Drivers for GDAL and OGR

This package contains standalone drivers for GRASS raster and vector files that can be built after GDAL has been built and installed as a GDAL “autoload” driver.

This approach avoids circular dependencies with GRASS depending on GDAL, but GDAL with GRASS support depending on GRASS. With this driver package you configure and install GDAL normally, then build and install GRASS normally and finally build and install this driver.

To build this driver it is necessary for it to find GDAL and GRASS support files. Typically the configure and build process would look something like:

./configure --with-gdal=/usr/bin/gdal-config \
sudo make install


Access GRASS GIS raster data from GDAL:

gdalinfo /home/mneteler/grassdata/nc_spm_08_grass7/PERMANENT/cellhd/elevation

Access GRASS GIS vector data from GDAL-OGR:

ogrinfo -so -al /home/mneteler/grassdata/nc_spm_08_grass7/PERMANENT/vector/zipcodes/head


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