Here is the source code of PivotRepair prototype system described in our paper submitted to ICDCS 2022.


We implement PivotRepair on Ubuntu-16.04. So the tutorial as follows is also based on Ubuntu-16.04.

Users can use apt to install the required libraries.

  • g++
  • make & cmake
  • nasm
  • libtool & autoconf
  • git
$  sudo apt install g++ make cmake nasm autoconf libtool git

PivotRepair is built on ISA-L ,Sockpp and Wondershaper. Users can install these three libraries manually:

  • IntelĀ®-storage-acceleration-library (ISA-L).

    $  git clone https://github.com/intel/isa-l.git
    $  cd isa-l
    $  ./autogen.sh
    $  ./configure; make; sudo make install
  • Sockpp

    $  git clone https://github.com/fpagliughi/sockpp.git
    $  cd sockpp
    $  mkdir build ; cd build
    $  cmake ..
    $  make
    $  sudo make install
    $  sudo ldconfig
  • Wondershaper

    $  git clone https://github.com/magnific0/wondershaper.git
    $  cd wondershaper
    $  sudo make install



  • Before running, users should implement all the libraries and tools listed above on all the computers or servers include one master and n nodes. (To utilize this tool, user should also configure that the master_node has connected to all the other nodes by SSH without password. Note that the script is based on the assumption that the other nodes are mapped orderly like node01/node02/… in /etc/hosts. Besides, all the nodes need to login by user root.)

  • There are also two configuration files in the project dir that the user needs to modify.


This file describes the IP addresses of nodes included. The first line is the IP of MasterNode, and the lines as follows are IP addresses of DataNodes. The order of IP is the same as that of node index. Each IP occupies one line.


This file describes the coding scheme info. The keys and the values are separated by ‘=’ in line 6 to line 13. Each key occupies one line.

Key Description
nodes_num Total nodes numbers exclude the master node.
each_times The times that needs to be test each situation.
algs The repair path algorithms that needs to be tested.
(‘r’ for RP, ‘f’ for PivotRepair and ‘p’ for PPT.)
nks The ns and ks that need to be tested.
Note that n + k should be smaller than nodes_num.
size ChunkSize (bytes).
psize SliceSize (bytes).

For example, scheme content bellow shows a test using PivotRepair and PPT scheme, and its chunk size is 2 ^ 26 bytes and its slice size is 2 ^ 15 bytes. Every scheme will be tested on (12, 8) and (6, 4) environment and each test will run 5 times.

nodes_num = 12
each_times = 5

algs = ['f', 'p']
nks = [(12, 8), (6, 4)]

size = 2 ** 26
psize = 32768

Run and Shut Down

  • To run the prototype system, users should run the run.sh (at the root directory of repository),

    $  cd PivotRepair
    $  ./run.sh
  • To interrupt and stop the prototype system, users should run the down.sh (at the root directory of repository),

    $  cd PivotRepair
    $  ./down.sh


  • Results will be stored in directory source/new_test


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