Source and design files for the open source Software Defined Transceiver.

The files accompany the book “Software Defined Radio Transceiver” by Albert F. Peter, AC8GY and Dr. Jack Purdum, W8TEE. ISBN 9798446384280 https://www.amazon.com/Software-Defined-Radio-Transceiver-Construction/dp/B09WYP1ST8

These files are from the 7z file in the files area on https://groups.io/g/SoftwareControlledHamRadio

“This ZIP file contains the BOMs, Gerbers, Schematics, and Source code for the T41-EP Project done by Jack Purdum, W8TEE, and Al Peter, AC8GY.

The folders within the ZIP are pretty much self-explanatory, but the Schematic PDF folder has the BOMs and Schematics for each board as an “expandable” PDF files where the Schematic folder holds the Diptrace schematic files.

These were used to construct the Gerbers and Schematics using the free Diptrace software. NOTE: The source code is not really done yet.

With about 12,000 lines of C code, I’m not sure it will ever be “done”. I fully expect this code to morph into something really great over time.

I am still not happy with the CW xmtr portion of the code and am experimenting with both polling and interrupts.

I will post what I come up with when it’s done, and maybe some of you will find solutions that are even better. If so, please let us know.”


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