Some of the wxWidgets samples with CMake build files for vcpkg


On Windows

With Visual Studio

  • Install vcpkg by following the instructions here
  • Install wxwidgets with command vcpkg install wxwidgets:x64-windows
  • Clone this wxwidgets-cmake repo
  • Open Visual Studio, select Open Folder and browse to the wxwidgets-cmake directory. CMake will kick in and generate build files.
  • Select Build all
  • Select a sample application in startup target pull down menu
  • Select Debug->Start without debugging
Create release build
  • Create an x64-Release configuration in Project->CMake settings->Configurations and save with Ctrl+S
  • Select the x64-Release configuration and select Build all

Without Visual Studio

In order to use vcpkg with CMake outside of an IDE, you can use the toolchain file:

> cmake -B [build directory] -S . -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=[path to vcpkg]/scripts/buildsystems/vcpkg.cmake
> cmake --build [build directory]```


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