Wordle solver

Solve the wordle game and its many variants.

Currently implemented variants


Assuming you are on a linux-like system



To play wordle:


The program will provide guesses. Play them manually on the website and enter
the response as a five-letter string such as “BGYGB” (B-Black, G-Green,

The multi-board wordle clones can be played similarly, such as


To play an arbitrary number of simultaneous wordle boards with an arbirary
number of attempts, you can try

./wordle -b 4 -a 13

Play nerdle the same way with ./nerdle, except the colours are now B-Black,
G-Green, R-Red.

To play crosswordle with ./crosswordle, provide the responses from top to
bottom such as BYBBB YBBGB … GGGGG followed by the actual word. See
data/crosswordle_sample.in for an example


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