Task List

This is a small CLI program to manage a todo.txt

About The Project

I wrote this program so I can quickly write down tasks I have coming up. When I used Windows I used the sticky notes but it wasn’t efficient. This program can manage date times and task descriptions. Currently only kind of supports up to a 100 entries since some functions are written with these numbers in mind. Because let’s be honest if you have more than a hundred tasks to write down you should use something more feature rich program to manage it.

Getting Started


You will need a c++ compiler.


  1. Clone the repo and compile
git clone https://github.com/Aylur/TaskList.gitcd srcg++ main.cpp -o todo
  1. Move the file into a directory which is included in you PATH
mkdir -p ~/.local/binmv todo ~/.local/bin


You can pass commands for example like this without entering the program

todo -a example task due jul 12.todo -r example task

You can list tasks without entering the program

todo -l

Or enter the program and watch modifications as they happen


You can pass multiple arguments separated by a string set in variables.h

Command: -a example -d 06/12 and another task -d 20:00Command: -r example and 1 and 4-6Command: -m 2 update -d dec and 3 another update

Planned features

  • External config file
  • Notification system for coming deadlines
  • Shell like cursor movement


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