ANSI escape code text formatter


forest is a loose acronym for format escape terminal. It is a single-header lightweight library for transforming marked-up text into a stream of characters and ANSI escape codes. This text can then be piped out to terminals that support such escape sequences.


forest provides some flexibility in usage of its API:

  1. print: The most straightforward function, prints to stdout
  2. print_to: Prints to provided std::FILE* stream
  3. format: Obtains formatted text as a std::string
  4. format_to: fully constexpr code path that formats text to a provided output iterator
  5. literal: compile-time alternative for literals

example/forest-example.cpp contains some samples.



  1. C++17
  2. CMake 3.17+ [optional]


  1. Copy include/forest/forest.hpp into your build tree, or
  2. Use CMake:
    1. Import forest
      1. Add forest to build tree via add_subdirectory(path/to/forest), or
      2. Locate forest via find_package(forest) (must be installed to a path in CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX)
    2. Link to forest via target_link_libraries(your_project PRIVATE forest::forest) (use PUBLIC instead to propagate include paths to all dependencies)


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