LSASS Dumper

Simple LSASS Dumper created using C++ as an alternative to using Mimikatz memory dumper.

NOTE: You still need Mimikatz installed to read the dumped data. This program only dumps the data.

VirusTotal Scan Results: 2/71 when running against the executable build


The easiest way to build the executable is to just run the Dump.cpp file in Visual Studio, but if you prefer g++, that should work too.

After compiling the code into an executable, run it!

You can run the executable either way:

./Dump.exe Output.txt

NOTE: If no argument is specified, your file will be HOSTNAME_M_D_YYYY.txt

Here are the commands you will need to use in Mimikatz to access the dumped data:

mimikatz # This will start the program
mimikatz$ sekurlsa::minidump <FileName>
mimikatz$ sekurlsa::logonPasswords


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