The async_simple is a library offering simple, light-weight and easy-to-use
components to write asynchronous codes. The components offered include the Lazy
(based on C++20 stackless coroutine), the Uthread (based on stackful coroutine)
and the traditional Future/Promise.

Install Dependencies

Using apt (ubuntu and debian’s)

sudo apt install libaio-dev -y
# Install gtest
sudo apt install libgtest-dev -y
sudo apt install cmake -y
cd /usr/src/googletest/gtest
sudo mkdir build && cd build
sudo cmake .. && sudo make install
cd .. && sudo rm -rf build
cd /usr/src/googletest/gmock
sudo mkdir build && cd build
sudo cmake .. && sudo make install
cd .. && sudo rm -rf build

Using yum (CentOS and fedora)

sudo yum install libaio-devel -y
sudo yum install cmake -y
# Try to build gtest and gmock from source

Build Dependencies From Source

# libaio
# you can skip this if you install libaio from packages
git clone
cd libaio
sudo make install
# gmock and gtest
git clone [email protected]:google/googletest.git -b v1.8.x
cd googletest
mkdir build && cd build
cmake .. && sudo make install

Install Clang Compiler

Required Compiler: clang (>= 11.0.1)

Demo example dependency

Demo example depends on standalone asio(, the commit id:f70f65ae54351c209c3a24704624144bfe8e70a3


$ mkdir build && cd build
CXX=clang++ CC=clang cmake ../ -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=[Release|Debug]
make -j4
make test # optional
make install # sudo if required

Get Started

After installing and reading Lazy to get familiar with API, here is a demo use Lazy to count char in a file.


async_simple is distributed under the Apache License (Version 2.0)
This product contains various third-party components under other open source licenses.
See the NOTICE file for more information.


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