simple hotkey hack for Pwn Adventure 3

Original goal for this “project” was to be able to spawn any enemy (eg: Bear, AngryBear, TownRat, GiantRat, etc) at my own will. Unfortunately, it requires a deeper dive into the client and I don’t think doing so warrants the effort needed. Nevertheless, working on this exposed me to concepts that are essential to reversing c++ programs.

Example concepts:

C-style casts & reinterpret_cast<..>

Function pointers

Virtual tables/functions &

Multi-level pointers

Class Informer plugin (IDA)


RTTI & analyzing x86 in C++

Features include:

speed hack,

jump hack,

health/mana hack

teleport to a specified region.

Original client site:

Walkthrough of solving the actual challenges in game by LiveOverflow:

Reversing C++ guide/help:


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