Simple algorithm to detect the curb of road environment using 3D LiDAR

Tested Environment

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • ROS Melodic


  • Subscribe sensor_msgs/PointCloud2 msg
  • Curb Detection from the point cloud
  • Publish seperate curb (e.g. left_curb, right_curb)
    • left_curb : the red points in below figure
    • right_curb : the green points in below figure

How to use

Clone, build and run

$ git clone
$ git clone
$ catkin build
$ roslaunch lidar_curb_detection curb_detect.launch

Parameter configuration

You can easily modify topic name of sensor_msgs/PointCloud2 by changing curb_detect.launch

<node name="curb_detection" pkg="lidar_curb_detection" type="curb_detection" respawn="true" output="screen">
    <remap from="/input" to="/os_cloud_node/points"/>

Here, change your topic


  • Robust outlier removal


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