• So SBT can help small cheats improve their security. The difference between streaming the bytes in plaintext and streaming the encrypted bytes is huge.

How to implement ❓ :

  • Include SBT/SBT.h
  • Encrypt your bytes with a key using the .ps1 script.
  • Set the decryption key in hex inside SBT/SBT.h
  • If you need you got an example in example/example.cpp
  • Profit ❕

How could i make this better ❓ :

  • Add Anti-Reverse Engineering Measures and Strong Encryption. Also TLS or SSL could also help a lot.
  • Maybe Obfuscate / Hide the Imports.
  • String Encryption, preferably Compile-Time.
  • Code Virtualization / Code Mutation.
  • Encrypt the bytes multiple times , the Decryption takes longer but is much secure, obviosly with different keys.
  • Change the encryption from a simple XOR to even AES-256 or RSA , TwoFish or BlowFish

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