ScriptHook Bypass For Fivem / bypass hardware ID For nvdia only

Not Working?

Run as admin and disable your antivirus.

  • How to use

1. Put your .asi mods in %LocalAppData%/FiveM/FiveM Application Data/Plugins, creating the Plugins folder if it doesn’t exist.

2. Start FiveM and the bypass. Order doesn’t matter. ( Run as Admin file By.pass fivem.exe )

3. Enjoy!



Fivem **Bypass Hardawre ID GPU Nvdia **

– It’s not called bypassing, it’s deleting Nvdia’s GPU ID, which doesn’t help get a hardware ID ban.

– Prevent from being banned 365 Day / 13 Day / and some servers

– Not Support AMD Graphic

How To Bypass

1. Go To " C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local " After that delete Folder  " DigitalEntitlements " 

2. Go To " C:\Program Files (x86) " After Create Folder Name " Blade Group " 

3. Windows + R = CMD  " netsh int ip reset " And Enter 

4. Using Cleaner and Restart PC ( You must select the deletion topic yourself. I recommend choosing them all ) 

? C++ and C# languages are irrelevant. It's something I use to test something. ?


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