Sample project showcasing SystemC, Verilator, CMake, and GTKWave for SW/HW codesign for Embedded Online Conference 2022

This demo provides a reference example on how a 3rd party verilog IP can be protected by Verilator and being used as a component in another verilated model with SystemC simulation.

Author: Seyed Amir Alavi @samiralavi, Riverlane, Cambridge, UK.

Development Environment

The project is using CMake for the build system and requires Verilator and SystemC to be already installed and accessible by CMake. To make the development even easier, a reference VSCode containerized development environment is provided at .devcontainer/devcontainer.json that automates installation of the required dependencies. All you need to do is to install Visual Studio Code Remote Development extension and open the project inside the container. For further information about this method you can read the guides provided by VSCode at:

Build, Installation and Running

You can follow the standard CMake project build process either on you local machine or inside the container.

mkdir build
cd build
make install

Project structure

The project is made of two main parts: the hardware component project/component in Verilog HDL to be simulated, and the firmware using that component, project/firmware. The component is build as an encrypted static library, which gets linked into the firmware during the build time.


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