Sample plugins for PLCTool – A PRIME/DLMS graphical swiss-knife

This repostory contains the source code of the sample Blink Attack Plugin for PLCTool, a Qt-based graphical tool used to analyze and debug PRIME / DLMS-based smart-meter networks, with special focus on the security of these deployments.

Currently, we support GNU/Linux and probably other Unix-based environments. Windows support is on its way.

This tool was presented in the talk Hacking Smart Meters of the RootedCON 2022, during which its use with the ATPL360-EK evaluation kit to send and receive data in PLC networks was demonstrated.


Plugin build and usage guide here: PLCTool plugin support

Note that in order to build PLCTool and its plugins, you will need:

  • A suitable C++ compiler (gcc 10.3 or higher)
  • Qt 5 development files, version 5.9.1 or higher

And don’t forget to install PLCTool prior to building any plugin.


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