SaherBlueEagle Easy Hardware Keylogger

📌 Keylogger size 707 Bytes (707 Chars) USIING HE built in EEPROM memory you can make it in code to start overwrite , or stop overwriting

📌 NOTE 1 : you can use memorycard module and write logs into Memory card also

📌 NOTE 2 : you can use NRF24L01 to send it wireless to your device

📌 NOTE 3 : this is a proof of concept , and for educational porposes only

SaherBlueEagle Easy Hardware Keylogger Using Atmega 328 P , Using Arduino , Low Cost Components

📌 Tools to be used to READ LOGS

📌 hack a login password from a PC (School / university ) Domain PCs , etc …

# 📌 THE Commercial Tool


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