got backstabbed by someone I trusted, and my user-mode source was stolen, then he threatened to leak it.

however, that silly fucking goose took the wrong version without comments — here’s a much older build with comments. hopefully it will provide a learning opportunity for some of you.

this version of the source is dated around June 2020, before I had a good grasp on how to do shit efficiently, externally on rust. what’s uploaded below only includes the usermode part of the cheat, so consequently, [B]this cheat will not work on EAC rust without any bypass[/B].

i’ve updated the cheat, so it works at the moment. as stated before, the threads are not done efficiently, so I’ll leave that up to you to fix. many of the features have been snipped as well, including prediction.

hopefully, someone will be able to learn from this source and proceed to make their own shit. the one thing I request is that you don’t make this into a shitty P2C like others have done in the past with previous self-leaks.

Updated Time : 03/13/2022

Current StatusZ: Your time is up to you



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� Disclaimer

I also wanted to try out some Evasion Techniques. If you want a really secure cheat loader the code and logic should really be improved and you would have to add some features to secure it. I would advise you to create your own with the only goal to safely distribute your cheat. Check the link below if you really want to create your own and learn game hacking. (Btw I would not advise you to use SSL for a paycheat, no need to reinvent the wheel just use HTTPS). Anyway it will still work fine and provide very basic security features if you do not sell extremely expensive cheats and don’t want to create your own. It’s currently more like a dll injector than a loader


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