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The first Roblox FPS unlocker for macOS. This is a very simple and unpolished FPS unlocker with more updates to come. This has ONLY been tested on Intel-based machines, you can try run under Rosetta 2 but expect issues. There are no plans to make this work for Apple Silicon machines natively due to lack of hardware, this is subject to change.


  1. Download the latest release from https://github.com/lanylow/rbxfpsunlocker-osx/releases.
  2. Extract rbxfpsunlocker.zip by double clicking on it, if it wasn’t extracted automatically.
  3. Locate rbxfpsunlocker in Finder in your Downloads and right click and press Get Info.
  4. Copy all text after where it says Where:.
  5. Open Terminal and write the following command. Replace the <path> with the copied path from Finder.
cd <path>
  1. Using the cd command, you should now be in your Downloads folder or wherever else your FPS unlocker file may be.
  2. In the same Terminal window, run the following command. <cap> may be replaced with whatever framerate is desired, e.g. 90, 120, 144, etc. If no framerate is supplied it will automatically be set to 120.
sudo ./rbxfpsunlocker <cap>
  1. Enjoy those smooth frames but on macOS now

A more user friendly setup will soon be released with a video tutorial.

Compiling (advanced)

  1. Open Terminal and clone the repository and change directory.
git clone https://github.com/lanylow/rbxfpsunlocker-osx/ && cd rbxfpsunlocker-osx
  1. Compile. This will fail if you don’t have Xcode Developer tools installed.
  1. Launch the unlocker
sudo ./rbxfpsunlocker <cap>


Use at your own risk, this is new and still in-development. However this uses the same computational/theoretical method as axstin‘s rbxfpsunlocker which has been cleared by Roblox as safe to use.


@fjij – For bringing the idea to our attention

@lanylow – For reverse engineering and coding the unlocker

@SeizureSaladd – For testing the code and coding the front-end


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