Repository for Wallcore, the engine behind Wallcraft.

Wallcraft is a fork of the VMaNGOS project, built around the design philosophies found in the 2004 Official Brady Games Strategy Guide and the question of “What would WoW be if Alex Afrasiabi died before joining Blizzard?”.

Wallcraft is compatible with VMaNGOS circa late 2021. It will eventually be updated to be fully compliant. To run Wallcraft, you’ll need VMaNGOS 1.12 server as a baseline. Big credit to the titan Brotalnia for his continued work on the VMaNGOS project, to Nolin for inspiring me to start WoW development, and to Gamer for being a real bro and playtesting my content.

The Wallcraft project features thousands of updates and changes, rebalancing and unique additions. Many of the fan favorite elements of TBC and WotLK have been backported, many custom spells and items have been added, and brand new features such as open-world player housing (with things like locking doors, jukeboxes, gardens, and storage) have been implemented in the core and game world. Many map updates have been made to expand naturally on the vanilla game world (Fully zonable Karazhan raid & crypt including roof entrance, accessible and finished Hyjal, WotLK Dustwallow quest hubs, Ironforge Airport with extended paths to player housing along with new FPs, and hundreds more).

Any contributions which fall in line with Wallcraft philosophy will eventually be merged when I return to the project full time.

To play, you’ll need to download the last patch-3 file, currently hosted at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JobyAHmnFfvEi5zEGTvzPZVAAcXWiHLa/view?usp=sharing

The project is temporarily on hiatus as I am thousands of miles from home, engaged in asymmetric warfare against an ancient cult. I will return someday, somehow. The website will remain offline until then, but I am holding the URL. (http://www.wallcraft.org)

To follow the project and any future updates, join the discord:



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