Welcome to IECSE’s App Dev Bootcamp, Spring’22.

Ever wondered how applications like Instagram, WhatsApp, and others are built and scaled to billions of users around the world, and how our lives would be unimaginable without them?

The App Development Bootcamp with Flutter is an important primer for all mobile development enthusiasts, where you’ll learn all of the skills you’ll need to build your own app for your start-up/business or simply for fun!

Here, you’ll learn everything from the ground up, from setting up your development environment to playing with APIs inside your app, with new challenges every week to help you cement the concepts you’ve learned so far.


1. How does this Bootcamp work?

The Bootcamp is divided into 4 weeks of content. Each week you will be learning new things, but which will use the previous week’s content too. So make sure you don’t skip weeks in between. Try to finish the given work in that specified week itself. But in case you do fall behind, try to cover up as soon as possible. Don’t be shy and ask your mentors and friends for help if needed.

Every week you’ll be introduced to new topics and will be given enough resources(video and textual) to learn. After you’re clear with the concepts you will have to complete an assignment using the starter code provided and submit it through Github.

2. I’ve finished the week before time, now what?

There’s always so much more to do with the topics given in this project. Try to go deeper with the concepts or try practicing the stuff you’ve learnt by making small projects. Ask your mentors to give you extra work if you can’t think of anything. We’ll make sure you’re occupied.

3. Are there any pre-requisites?

Nope. We are not expecting any kind of App Dev experience from you, everything will be taught from the ground up.

4. Where will the resources be posted?

Anything and everything related to this bootcamp will be posted on the Wiki Page

Every week the table of contents will be updated with links to the new content. Make sure you follow the order in which it’s given. We also have a few tasks/ mini-projects planned for you, the code of which you will have to push to this repo once done.

Important Links

  1. Wiki
  2. Week Wise Content
    1. Week 0
    2. Week 1
    3. Week 2
    4. Week 3
  3. Additional Reading



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