Registration Queueing Reporting System

This is a toy C++ project! Please don’t take it seriously!


How to build and run?

Please build and run this program on Linux or macOS.

If you have to use Windows to compile this program (Hold on, are you sure about this?), please remove the compiler flags in CMakeLists.txt since -Werror will prevent you from compiling. Also, please replace all the color codes in config.h with empty strings since they will not display as excepted on Windows.

Navigate to the build directory and run CMake (version >= 3.16) to configure the project and generate a native build system. Run sudo apt install cmake or brew install cmake to install CMake.

cd build
cmake ..
cmake --build .

Project Features

  • Beautiful Color Scheme (may not work correctly in Windows)
  • STL-style data structure interfaces
  • Passing by value boosted with move semantics
  • Comparing and hashing of customized objects achieved by specializations of std::hash and std::less injected into namespace std.
  • Fair IO exception handling design
  • Uniform naming convention
  • Function headers and detailed documentation.
  • Code optimized with modern C++ features
  • Memory leaks resolved by using smart pointer.
  • … and so on! πŸ™‚


Please enter integers between 0 and 13 to pick the next operation. The prompt below is also shown in the program.

1. Move 12 hours forward.
2. Move a few days forward.
3. Create new registrations.
4. Withdraw a registration.
5. Recover a registration.
6. Update the profession category for a record.
7. Update the risk status for a record.
8. Add a treatment deadline for a record.
9. Print this prompt again.
10. Retrieve a Database record by ID.     <- Implemented with B+-tree.
11. Retrieve a Database record by NAME.   <- Implemented with B-tree.
12. Remove a Database record by ID.       <- Implemented with B+-tree.
13. Remove a Database record by NAME.     <- Implemented with B-tree.
0. Exit!

Important IO Information

  • All input records will be written into the data/reg_x.csv, where x is the Registry ID that you just specified!
  • All treatment records will be written into data/appointment.csv (will be generated if not exists).
  • All reports generated (weekly or monthly) will be output to console and written into data/report.txt (will be generated if not exists) in the sorted order you just specified. Magic?


We assume that there are 5 local registries and 5 appointment locations. This is the default configuration in config.h, but it’s possible to adapt this program to an arbitrary number of local registries and appointment locations.

But to make sure the program works correctly, csv data files must be provided correctly. They must be put in a data directory and data must be in the same directory as executable RQRS. For m local registries, m csv files containing registration records must be named from reg_1.csv to reg_m.csv. They must contain rows in format

ID Name Address Phone WeChat Email Profession ID Date of Birth Risk Status Registry ID
666 KD ZJUI 911 N/A [email protected] 1 1900-01-01 0 1

For n appointment locations, a location_preference.csv must be provided with rows in the following format

Registries ID Preference #1 Preference #2 …… Preference #n
3 9 8 …… 1

Otherwise, the program will not work correctly. (May or may not add error detection functions later.)

To simplify the code, records are compared and hashed only based on their IDs and Names. In other words, two records with the same ID and Name will get the same hash values, and they will be considered equal in searching operations. However, they will be assigned different priorities in the centralized queue as expected.

Project File Structure

|   main.cpp
|   config.h
|   fibonacciHeap.h
|   fibonacciHeap.cpp
|   centralizedQueue.h
|   centralizedQueue.cpp
|   queue.h
|   queue.cpp
|   registrationRecord.h
|   registrationRecord.cpp
|   eventDriver.h
|   eventDriver.cpp
|   recordProcessor.h
|   recordProcessor.cpp
|   databaseSchema.h
|   databaseSchema.cpp
|   BPlusTree.h
|   BPlusTree.cpp
|   BTree.h
|   BTree.cpp
|   utilities.h
|   utilities.cpp
    β”‚   reg_1.csv
    β”‚   reg_2.csv
    β”‚   reg_3.csv
    β”‚   reg_4.csv
    β”‚   reg_5.csv
    β”‚   location_preferences.csv

Other Notes

If you are having difficulties compiling with CMake, please use the Makefile below. Before execution, please run cp -r build/data . to make sure RQRS executable and the data folder are under the same directory.

outname := RQRS

CXX := g++
CXXFLAGS := -Wall -Wextra -Wpedantic -Werror -std=c++17 -g

srcfiles := $(shell find . -maxdepth 1 -name "*.cpp")
objects  := $(patsubst %.cpp, %.o, $(srcfiles))

all: $(outname)

$(outname): $(objects)
	$(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) -o $(outname) $(objects) $(LDLIBS)

depend: .depend

.depend: $(srcfiles)
	rm -f ./.depend
	$(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) -MM $^>>./.depend;

	rm -f $(objects)

clear: clean
	rm -f *~ .depend $(outname)

include .depend


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