Refinements of the WFA alignment algorithm with better complexity


This repository contains implementations of the WFA algorithm as well as two variations on it. The first reduces the memory complexity from O(s^2) to O(s^3/2). The second reduces the time complexity from O(sN) to O(s^2 + N) using suffix trees. The former is eminently practical, but the latter has large constants that make it take more time in the majority of common use cases.


Because many users will not need the suffix tree algorithm, the library is implemented in two headers. The non-suffix tree algorithm is implemented in wfa_lm.hpp. It is single-header and has no external dependencies beyond the 2011 C++ standard library. It can simply be included into a new project.

The suffix tree algorithm is implemented in wfa_lm_st.hpp. It is also single-header, but it depends on SDSL v.3 for its implementation of a suffix tree. This dependency can be pulled in with this command:

git submodule update --init --recursive

After that, the headers in external/sdsl-lite/include will also need to be included in the new project.


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